delta8 vs delta9 vs delta10
Delta-8 vs Delta-9 vs Delta-10
November 11, 2022
The Effects of Vaping with High Blood Pressure
The Effects of Vaping with High Blood Pressure
November 18, 2022
delta8 vs delta9 vs delta10
Delta-8 vs Delta-9 vs Delta-10
November 11, 2022
The Effects of Vaping with High Blood Pressure
The Effects of Vaping with High Blood Pressure
November 18, 2022
how to find a reliable cannabis vape supplier

How To Find A Reliable Cannabis Vape Supplier?

The sales of cannabis vaporizers have been booming in recent years. If you want to get involved in the cannabis vape market, now is the best opportunity to start.

For this, you need to find a reliable cannabis vape supplier or multiple cannabis vape suppliers to meet your different market needs and customer needs.

This article gives you practical advice on how to find a reliable cannabis vape supplier.

Types of Cannabis Vape Suppliers:

There are two types of cannabis vape suppliers: local cannabis vape suppliers in the United States and cannabis vape suppliers in China.

US cannabis vape supplier

Local vaporizer suppliers are generally composed of cannabis vape equipment dealers (only cannabis vaporizers are sold), packagers (cannabis oil producers buy vaporizers produced by other manufacturers and inject cannabis oil and package them for sale)

China cannabis vape supplier

Most cannabis vape suppliers in China are closely linked with manufacturers. Some cannabis vape suppliers have their own production plants, while some cannabis vape suppliers cooperate with other cannabis manufacturers.

Cannabis vape suppliers and manufacturers in China can provide customers with different OEM and ODM from product design to packaging design to meet customer needs and can solve technical problems and after-sales problems encountered during product use.

Cannabis vape made in China will be constantly updated due to customer feedback to meet market changes.

RELEAFY Customization canabies vape Products
Cannabis vape products

Advantages of U.S. Cannabis Vape Suppliers

Geographical advantage, the biggest advantage of local cannabis vape suppliers is the geographical advantage, the local warehouse greatly shortens the delivery time and cost.

With no time limit and no time zone differences, local cannabis vape can respond to customer questions in real time.

One-stop solution for cannabis vape dealers to source cannabis vape pens, oils, replaceable accessories, packaging, and more from multiple suppliers.

On-site visits are available, and if customers find a suitable local cannabis vape supplier, they can visit and observe in person.

Cash transactions are available, and although online transfers have become very popular, many customers are willing to use cash transactions.

There are not many MOQ requirements, and customers who are not familiar with product sales can use a small number of orders for trial orders first.

Advantages of China Cannabis Vape Suppliers

Chinese cannabis vape suppliers have a higher degree of customization and lower costs because they work closely with manufacturers.

OEM and ODM services that can provide customers with the best solution.

Can meet the high production capacity requirements of customers.

Because of the fierce competition among Chinese cannabis vape suppliers, their products are constantly improving and the service team is constantly improving.

Disadvantages of American Cannabis Vape

Due to the high cost of labor in the United States, the cost of purchasing equipment from local cannabis vape suppliers in the United States is relatively expensive.

Cannabis equipment dealers do not have the ability to OEM and ODM services and lack the ability to solve the complex technical aspects of cannabis vape equipment.

Local cannabis dealers usually only work with very well-known brands and only sell each brand’s flagship product, avoiding stockpiling. This will result in less exposure of customers to the latest technology and market dynamics in the cannabis vape industry, causing many buyers to miss out on a lot of high-quality products.

Disadvantages of Chinese Cannabis Vape Suppliers

High shipping costs and long lead times. Longer logistics times due to shipping from China to the U.S. and the strict Chinese government requirements for cannabis vape products.

There is a time difference problem, due to the time difference between China and the United States, there will be delays in communication. However, in order to solve this problem, Chinese cannabis vape suppliers will arrange different working hours to better serve American customers.

Cannabis vape suppliers are currently unable to visit due to COVID-19 making it difficult for customers to enter China and visit factories. This can be solved by means of online communication.

Cash transactions are not available. Because I can’t come to the factory, I can’t directly use cash when trading, and I need to use online payment to trade.

There are MOQ requirements, cannabis vaporizer suppliers, manufacturers, and packaging manufacturers will have MOQ requirements in order to ensure that the cost of cannabis vaping is more reasonable.


Factors to Consider for a Cannabis Vape Supplier

  • Quality and range of evaporators that can be produced

First, you have to look at the product range of cannabis vape suppliers, whether they can meet the needs of most customers, and secondly to see if the products produced by cannabis vape suppliers and manufacturers maintain high quality.

  • R&D and design capabilities 

A reliable cannabis vape supplier has its own R&D team, design team, R&D equipment, and technology, which can meet customers’ requirements for product structure improvement & style design, and most importantly, it can solve technical failures to complete product iterations.

  • Supply Chain 

A reliable cannabis supplier will have a huge supply chain to meet a large number of orders and expandable market demand. A reliable supply chain can help suppliers deliver large quantities of orders on time and with consistent quality.

  • Prices

The price of cannabis vape suppliers is also one of the factors you need to consider, too much price may be due to the use of inappropriate materials. So choose the right price and maintain the quality of the product, so that you can get enough profit margins for your business and maintain a good customer reputation.

  • Quality of service 

It takes some time to screen and find a reliable cannabis vape supplier, when contacting different cannabis vape suppliers you can refer to whether the cannabis supplier has healthy relationships with other businesses and provides good customer service. Excellent customer service will help you resolve product and order issues and save you a lot of time.

  • Factory scale & Environment 

Cannabis vaping still needs to rely on manpower, so the scale of the cannabis vape pen factory and the number of employees can be used as indicators to consider.

Users of marijuana vaporizers directly contact the equipment with their mouths, so in order to ensure the safety and health of users, factories need to maintain a strict production & manufacturing environment.

RELEAFY Factory Production Line

How to find a reliable cannabis vape supplier?

  • Google Platform

When you want to find a cannabis vape supplier you can use google and type something like “cannabis vape supplier”/”cannabis vape manufacture”/”vape supplier” to select and filter out some suppliers to add to your cannabis vaporizer list middle;

  • Forums and Social Media

There are now many forums discussing different brands of vaporizers, such as Reddit and Mjbizdaily; you can also check on YouTube to see if anyone has reviewed this brand’s products and whether the reviews are good or bad.

  • Industry Exhibition

As the impact of COVID-19 has begun to gradually come under control in 2022, the exhibition of the cannabis vaporizer industry can be held offline. This is your best chance to find and choose a cannabis vape supplier.

  • B2B platform

Most cannabis vape manufacturers are based in China, and although there are many online B2B platforms that have blocked keywords for e-cigarettes and various cannabis products, you can also find them through the made-in-china platforms.

Whether it is a domestic cannabis vape supplier or a Chinese cannabis vape supplier, whether the brand is well-known or small, it should maintain strict control of product quality and absolutely high-quality service. As one of the cannabis vape manufacturers, RELEAFYTECH has strong OEM & ODM capabilities.

RELEAFYTECH has a warehouse in the United States, which greatly shortens your delivery time. If you are interested in this industry or our evaporators, please feel free to contact us!