tips for choose delta-8 disposable vaporizer
Tips For Choose Your Delta-8 Disposable Cannabis Vaporizer
December 2, 2022
do i need to preheat vape pen
Do I Need To Preheat the Vape Pen?
December 9, 2022
tips for choose delta-8 disposable vaporizer
Tips For Choose Your Delta-8 Disposable Cannabis Vaporizer
December 2, 2022
do i need to preheat vape pen
Do I Need To Preheat the Vape Pen?
December 9, 2022
is vape battery safe

Is Vape Battery Safe?

Want to use a vape battery to match the 510 cartridges, but worried about the safety of the vape battery? Does the issue of exploding batteries on the news scare you?

In fact, battery explosion incident is extremely rare, especially in the case of increasingly strict battery control in recent years, the safety of batteries is controllable.

Is vape battery safe?

The safety of vape batteries largely depends on several factors, including their quality, usage, and maintenance.

The vape battery uses lithium-ion batteries, which are also used in laptops and smartphones that you see or use every day.

It has overheat protection and overcharge protection mechanisms so that the vape battery can be disconnected from charging or power supply under extreme conditions to protect users and vape battery equipment. Batteries of vape devices need to undergo safety testing and certification testing (UN38.3/MSDS, etc.) for batteries when they are exported.

So, vape batteries are safe when operated properly.

UNIQ-vape battery
RELEAFY UNIQ Vape battery

What are the overheat protection, overcharge protection, and over-discharge protection mechanism of a vape battery?

Vape battery overheating protection: the device will automatically disconnect when the temperature is too high by 75°.

Vape battery overcharge protection: when the battery voltage reaches 4.2V, it will stop charging.

Vape battery over-discharge protection: When the battery voltage is lower than 2.8V, it will stop supplying power.

Why do vape batteries explode?

Vape battery explosions can occur due to several reasons, including:

  • Low-Quality Batteries: Cheap and poorly manufactured batteries may lack safety features and have inferior build quality, increasing the risk of malfunction.
  • Overcharging: Leaving the battery on charge for an extended period or using a charger not designed for the battery can lead to overcharging, causing it to overheat and vent.
  • Physical Damage: Dents, scratches, or torn battery wraps can expose the internal components, leading to short circuits and potential explosions.
  • Incorrect Usage: Using batteries with improper voltage or amperage ratings for a device, or mixing different brands and capacities, can lead to imbalanced charging and discharge, causing hazards.
  • Exposure to Extreme Temperatures: High temperatures can cause the battery to vent or explode, while low temperatures may reduce battery efficiency and stability.
  • Punctures or Penetration: Puncturing a battery can cause a rapid release of energy, leading to an explosion.
  • Manufacturing Defects: Rare cases of manufacturing defects in batteries can result in safety hazards.

How to select a safe vape battery?

  • View the parameters: Before buying a vape battery, be optimistic about the parameters of the product and ask the supplier if the vape battery product has a safety certificate;
  • Do not choose a vape battery that is too cheap: because a vape battery that is too cheap is likely to use a second-hand vape battery or a vape battery with poor material;
  • Check the battery type: Look for lithium-ion batteries specifically designed for vaping devices. Avoid using other types of batteries, such as alkaline or zinc-carbon batteries, as they are not suitable for vaping and can pose safety risks.
  • Compare the battery capacity (mAh): Choose a battery with an appropriate capacity for your vaping needs. Higher mAh ratings generally mean longer battery life, but ensure they are compatible with your device’s power requirements.
  • Check authenticity: To avoid counterfeit products, buy batteries from authorized sellers or reputable online stores. Some brands provide an authenticity code on their batteries, allowing you to verify their genuineness on the manufacturer’s website.
  • Protection circuit: Consider batteries with built-in protection circuits, commonly referred to as Protected Batteries. These circuits help prevent overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits, enhancing safety.
  • Battery compatibility: Ensure the battery matches your cartridge’s size. Using the wrong size can cause poor contact and unsafe operation.
  • Check the user reviews: Check for user reviews and feedback on the battery model you are considering. Real-life experiences can provide valuable insights into the battery’s safety and performance.
  • Avoid second-hand batteries: It is advisable not to use second-hand or old batteries from unknown sources. Older batteries may have reduced capacity and compromised safety features.

UNIQ 510 thread  vape battery with big button

How to operate a vape battery safely?

  • Do not charge the battery unattended, especially overnight or if you go out after setting, as you may forget that you still have a charging vape battery.
  • Do not vape with the vape battery charged.
  • Avoid placing the vape battery in direct sunlight or next to your grill.
  • Do not leave the vape battery in the car. Especially in summer, if the high temperature outside will cause the temperature inside the car to be very high and cause the vape battery to explode.
  • Never use a damaged vape battery.
  • Please do not use the vape battery after it has been dropped into water or soaked in water to avoid short circuits.
  • Turn off the vape battery when not in use.
  • Use the power adapter to charge the vape battery.

When should I replace the vape battery?

  • The casing of the vape battery has been damaged
  • The vape battery is flooded or severely damp
  • Smell the vape battery with a strange & burning smell

If you want to choose a reliable vape battery and add it to your vape shop, please get in touch with us and we will recommend reliable products for you.