vaping vs dabbing
Vaping vs Dabbing
December 17, 2022
The 2023 Year Ultimate Guide to Disposable Vapes
The 2023 Year Ultimate Guide to Disposable Vapes
January 7, 2023
vaping vs dabbing
Vaping vs Dabbing
December 17, 2022
The 2023 Year Ultimate Guide to Disposable Vapes
The 2023 Year Ultimate Guide to Disposable Vapes
January 7, 2023
vape cart vs dab pen

Do You Know The Difference Between Vape Carts And Dab Pens?

Are you still looking for the best way to consume concentrates? You will find many products in the vaporizer store, such as vape cartridges/dab pens/vape pens, etc.

Maybe you are an expert in vaping, but do you know the difference between vape carts and dab pens? If not, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

If you don’t want to try every product before you buy the one that suits you, you can use this article to find the product that best suits your needs.

Let’s first understand the concepts of the two.

Vape Carts

Vape carts are the top part of the vape pen.

Vape cart is a small container pre-filled with cannabis oil, it heats cannabis oil by heating elements such as atomizing cores.

It needs to be connected to the battery rod of the vape pen or to the 510 battery for heating.

vape carts
vape carts with pre-filled oil

Dab Pen

A dab pen is a pen-shaped device that vaporizes cannabis concentrate

The dab pen is heated by adding solid or viscous concentrate to the chamber, with a temperature/voltage adjustment function

There is no need to connect an additional heating power supply, and heating can be done without a torch.

dab pen

Difference between vape carts and dab pen

Concentrate type

Concentrate oils for Vape Carts are usually pre-filled by the seller, and you can choose different flavors and different viscosities.

The dab pen’s concentrate needs to be loaded by the user, so the user can freely choose the type of concentrate.

Composition structure

Composition of Vape carts: mouthpiece, tank, heating element

Composition of Dab pen: mouthpiece, chamber, battery, button

Heating element

While vape carts most commonly use metal, quartz, and ceramic heating elements.

Metal heating elements appeared in the early days, using metal mixtures and wicking cotton.

Quartz heating element heats up quickly to provide an intense cloud of steam.

Ceramic heating elements heat slowly but provide pure steam.

Dab pens typically use quartz chamber coil / ceramic chamber coil/titanium chamber coil heating elements.


Vape carts mouthpiece

The vape cart’s mouthpieces are divided into disposable push-type mouthpieces and non-disposable screw-type mouthpieces.

Shape: There are duckbill-like shapes and cylindrical shapes.

Material Type:

Plastic mouthpieces, the most common material, are often replaced by users because of their cheapness and short usage time.

Metal mouthpiece is durable and easy to conduct heat, but some users don’t like the touch of metal and users worry about excessive heavy metals

Acrylic mouthpiece, more durable than a plastic mouthpiece, available in a variety of colors

Glass mouthpiece, the material is fragile and inconvenient to transport

Ceramic mouthpiece has good durability, high heat resistance, and can provide purer steam.

vape carts

Dab pen mouthpiece

The Dab pen mouthpiece can be reused many times and divided into detachable and non-detachable.

Shape: Mostly cylindrical, but also flattened

Material Type:

Metal mouthpiece, durable and thermally conductive, but uncomfortable to use in cold temperatures.

Glass mouthpieces, are less durable than metal, but provide pure steam and taste, the most popular material among users

Plastic mouthpiece has poor durability and will crack under long-term high-heat steam.

Torch 2.0


Dab pens require more power to heat their coils, and dab pens are usually powered by batteries with higher power ratings than vape carts.

For example, an average vape cart battery might be rated at 350mAh, while a typical dab pen battery might be rated at 650mAh.


The vape cart has no buttons, the vape cart is usually connected to a battery rod or a 510 large battery to become a vape pen, most vape pens do not have buttons, it has a puff-activated firing mechanism. This means that once you inhale, the vape pen will start heating the product.

The dab pen has a button, use the button press to activate it or key presses to adjust temperature/voltage.


The flavor of the vapor and the size of the vapor cloud produced by vape carts and dab pens vary from device to device. The design of the product, the material of the heating element, the taste, and the size of the cloud vary according to the voltage.

Flavor and cloud size don’t matter if the product is a vape cart or a dab pen.


For many, portability is one of the most important factors when choosing a vaporizer. In general, vape carts pens are more portable than dab pens because they are pocket-sized and require less power to operate.


Although many factors determine to price, vape carts are typically less expensive than dab pens. This is because they require less power and fewer features than dab pens. You can see dab pens as more of an investment since they will last longer and provide an elevated vaping experience.


Vape carts are often easier to use than dab pens, making them a good choice for beginners.

This is because they come pre-filled with oil or concentrate, so all you need to do is screw on the pod and start vaping.

On the other hand, the dab pen requires more settings, because you need to put wax or oil on the atomizing core, and you need to try the feeling of this dab pen under different voltages, but the advantage is that you only need You don’t need to adjust it the next time you use it after adjusting it to your favorite voltage.


Now that you know the difference between a vaping cart and an electronic pen, you know which one is right for you.

No matter what type of vaporizer you use, be sure to choose the right cartridge or pen for your needs. Otherwise, you could end up with a poor vaping experience!